Books by Lorraine Dopson


Hard Road Home {fiction}

About the book

Much has been written about every aspect of the Bakken, the dirt, the danger, the exploitation, the money. Every aspect but love. When shy receptionist, Amanda Swenson, meets lonesome trucker, Clayton Sloan, an intense new longing awakens in her.

But Clayton has two things on his mind as he hauls oil eighty hours a week-keep safe and earn enough to save his family’s farm–and his legacy. Women are a distant third. Will her beauty and new-found boldness break through the wall around him? Even if they do, will it be enough to win him? This lusty, coming-of-age romance explores the ago-old stirrings of the heard..and other places as well.






The Light at the End of the World {fiction}

About the book

The Light at the End of the World can be appreciated on several levels. It’s an adventure, based on research into the archaeology, geology and climatology at the end of the last ice age, around 9600 B.C.E.

It’s also a love story.

And it’s an exploration of consciousness, a consideration of our relationship to the divine. I’ve tried to portray our shifting perceptions of the sacred, first as they may have manifested early in our spiritual journey. Some suggest that twelve thousand years ago our ancestors knew a feminine face of God, a mother presence pervading all life. With the emergence of patriarchy five thousand years ago, many came to know God as masculine, transcendent rather than immediate, rational rather than intuitive. The future may hold a blending of both.

For perhaps a hundred thousand years, as hunters and gatherers, our ancestors lived within the realm of the Mother. Much of that bond has been severed. This book is an attempt to nudge those ancient memories and once again open our hearts to the sacredness of the natural world.




Visions from Heaven {non-fiction}

In the spring of 2007, Ron Hodge, dying a cancer, phoned his friends Lorraine Dopson and Jan Huber from his hospital bed. He had received a visitation from the spiritual beings he’d first encountered on a vision quest three years earlier. “You are to write a book,” the Beings had instructed him. “These friends will help you.”

So began a remarkable eighteen-month journey of three friends helping to fulfill Ron’s mission in the time he had left on earth. Back at home, and from a deep trance state, Ron shared the words of these spiritual beings he had come to know. Lorraine and Jan witnessed and transcribed the messages that came through Ron and looked after him during these sessions.

This meditative book, with its tone of quiet thoughtfulness, fulfills Ron’s last important promise before his death, and is meant to bring spiritual understanding and peace to those who read it. Its purpose is to offer readers a profound sense of comfort from loving beings who watch over us, especially now, during these challenging times we humans face on earth.