What readers say about Hard Road Home…


Hard Road Home
by L. A. Dopson
Angel Fire Press
“He felt bad for the guy. Then he thought about his own dad and tripped on a lump of fear he hadn’t known was there.”

The time is now. The place is North Dakota. The story is about life—the life of a twenty-something girl named Amanda. On the surface, things seem relatively stable. She has an apartment and a job. Though without a car, or excess money for cab fare, she has to walk back and forth to work. When it comes to personal relationships, she appears to be stuck in place. Most people, except for her father, seem to take her for granted when they’re not taking advantage of her—particularly her brother, her mother, and especially her coworker.

Things begin to change, however, when Amanda meets Clayton. He’s a hard-bodied hunk who drives an oil transport truck so he can earn enough money to keep his family farm alive back in Kansas. Through a series of interesting and atypical situations, they find themselves involved with one another and wondering whether that’s actually good news or bad. You’ll probably hope it is good because these are two salt-of-the-earth protagonists most readers will definitely root for.

In this, her second novel, Dopson captures the boomtown atmosphere that the hunt for oil and gas has engendered in the upper Midwest. While her story is replete with specifics about the dangerous and often lonely existence of those who work there, it’s her examination of the personal relationships between siblings, parents and children, and lovers which makes her book come alive with emotions that are universal. She writes well about the desire for personal respect, the weight of responsibility, and the pain of longing. There’s a lot of love and truth to be found along this author’s Hard Road Home.

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“A story of courage, self-discovery and steamy romance on the scenic route of a journey home.” 
~ Linda Suchy, musician and farmer, Mandan, North Dakota

What readers say about The Light at the End of the World…


reviewed by Megan BainThe Light at the End of the World: A Story of Spiritual Transformation in a Time of Catastrophic Change
by Lorraine Dopson
Angel Fire Press

“Thistle was a proud name and the name of a healer.”

Thistle was born during the Late Paleolithic era during a time of catastrophic climate changes. She gets to experience a few different regions around her, and although there are others who travel great distances, her life still takes tremendous, ever-changing turns within the comparatively small region she calls home. Upon the birth of Thistle’s son, prophecies start to emerge about the end of time. The prophecies center around her only son and what he will do to carry on the stories of the People. Although Thistle’s heart is torn, she teaches her son all she can about the People and their history, hoping their legacy will never be forgotten. Thistle amazingly accomplishes this during numerous horrific events taking place around her due to climate changes. There appears to be no safe place, yet she clings to the hope that the prophecies are true and her son will live through the disaster to carry on the People’s legacy.

Dopson has crafted a gripping novel using devastating events in Earth’s history. She graphically depicts what it would be like for the humans who lived during this period. The author has created an intelligent, gentle, yet firm lead character that her novel centers on—Thistle, whose life changes just as rapidly as the Earth during this tumultuous time period. Throughout the story, Dopson selects details of Earth’s climatic changes and interweaves them skillfully with the changes happening in Thistle’s life. Dopson’s readers can easily envision and relate to the love, pain, heartbreak, fear, and hopefulness throughout the novel as they follow Thistle’s ever-changing life. The title is a perfect fit for this novel, as Thistle’s son is the People’s light and only hope for their continued legacy at the end of the reformation of the world.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

“In a terrific story…written with honesty and purpose, Dr. Dopson weaves myth, science, and imagination to tell a story of human endeavor and triumph.”
~ Dr. Janelle Masters, Display Grounds and Of Potatoes and the Wind

“Dopson’s work is rich in vision, originality and imagery….She has an ear for convincing dialogue, allowing her characters to make deep history come alive.”
~ Dr. Harold Nelson, Director, Northern Plains Writers’ Project

“…a book that sheds so much light on unanswered questions.”
~ Ollie Spotts

“How unique and beautiful. I enjoyed it so much.”
~ Marilyn Morgan

“This book is a sleeping classic of seminal beauty. Not to be greedily gulped, but rather to take up in small sips so as to come into its rhythm, which pulses with universal splendor. Eva Long did beautiful work with the book design, making its contents a perfect gem.”
~ Lucy Calutti

“This is an extraordinary book. The author has created a believable culture and evocative landscapes, without romanticizing or sentimentalizing the people in it. They all ring true and the story is a serious and compelling one. I found it hard to put down and highly recommend it. Jean Auel comes nowhere close to the style and the realism of this book.”
~ LionLady

“The book was pure poetry.”
~ Carol Bothun

“… a wonderful, well-written story. As a result of her extensive scientific research, astute interpretation of legends and her understanding of the human consciousness in the late Paleolithic Dr. Dopson offers a detailed portrayal of life in Europe as it probably was before the catastrophe of about 10,000 B.C. I highly recommend The Light at the End of the World for it will appeal to readers on many levels.”
~ Shirley Andrews, the author of Atlantis: Insights From a Lost Civilization and Lemuria and Atlantis: Studying the Past to Survive the Future

“The book awakened a thirst for more knowledge in this area. It was wonderful. ”
~ Bonnie Hartz

“Lorraine Dopson obviously knows her subject. That with a great writing style made this book a fabulous read for me. I couldn’t put it down, wanted to see what was around the next corner for Thistle. The characters were wonderful, alive and real – they stayed with me long after I finished reading. The author has laid out a fantastic story of a long ago time and made it feel like I was right there with the group, traveling, fixing a meal, enjoying each other and the world around them. I commend the author and eagerly await her next story.”
~ Kathy Osteen