Visions From Heaven

The Earth is entering a period of turmoil. Our response to the turmoil will help us become more attuned to the way of the Creator. Spiritual gifts are available to us during this time.

The Light Beings

The Earth is undergoing a great transformation that will last for four to five years. The transition has now begun. The feel of the earth is vibrating to another tune. The world is spinning and cracking. The world is shaking. The vibration of the world is transcending up. The earth is picking up a vibration to get your attention With this vibration comes turmoil worldwide. Turmoil is God’s gift to you to straighten out the way it is. Turmoil is coming to prove that the words of the Creator must be followed. The Lord must know that the inhabitants are ready to learn. When the Creator says love thy neighbor, the Creator means exactly that. Love is the elixir for the planet. Until such time as you learn that, you are going to be confronted with turmoil.

As of now the inhabitants are not learning lessons. You are preoccupied with amassing physical things. You are not counseling with your spiritual being. So you are getting ready to go into turmoil. The turmoil you will experience during the transition is not based on punishment but on the Creator’s desire to move you toward another path. You will have to receive gifts of spiritual insight now in order to go on to new territory. Without this wisdom, which you lack or have forgotten, you will find it difficult to continue.

You are not to be afraid. In the short run there will be turmoil, but the turmoil will give birth to new ways. The Creator and the Spirit World love humans. The Creator is always with you. He has spoken through His servants throughout eternity, leaving His words of wisdom in the sacred books and memories of every culture. The Creator will help you prepare for the transition by bringing you gifts of spiritual wisdom, gifts that now seem beyond your comprehension and readiness. When you are humble, understanding and kind, these gifts will come. Assisting the Creator with these gifts are the Ancestors who have crossed over and the Great Beings of Light who guide you. With them also is God’s Helper, the one whom you call Jesus.

One of the gifts God gives you is the ability to create solace within yourselves by prayer. Prayer is the portal to spiritual consciousness. It is a signal from the individual that goes up to the spiritual realm and captures spiritual energy. Prayer shows your atonement or at-one-ment with the spiritual wold. Prayer is your signal to the spiritual world that says, ‘I am here, I am in atonement with spirit and I wish to say a prayer that signifies my oneness with the spiritual world.’ With a prayer like the Our Father, you are committed to listening to this prayer, saying ‘I know what this prayer signifies and I want to send it to the spiritual world on my behalf.’ You should never seek for yourselves but seek in the fashion of the Creator, with love for all. After you pray, sit for a moment. An answer to your prayer will come. The power of prayer, sending forth your presence to God and showing your willingness to listen, will be very helpful in the time of transition. As God touches you, your hearts will open. Then you will have a refuge.